7 thoughts on “Thank to everyone who joined the #saveyourpint mass lobby

  1. We lost the village shop to the supermarkets, then the post offices. So far too many pubs have had to close. In many cases this is the only meeting place in the community. lease STOP THE ROT AND SAVE OUR PUBS.

  2. When you have lost the last of your Inns , …….. The logic escapes me. With rural pubs we are destroying the last nucleus of their community. With any pub that closes , we lose valuable jobs , thus thrusting good- hearted publicans and their staff on to unemployment benefit, thus completing the evil work of the Pubcos and some major breweries who love to asset-strip pub properties for a quick gain. Are politicians so gullable or do they have an alternative agenda , perhaps supermarket shares ?

  3. A public house, by definition, is open to the whole community. It is welcoming and inclusive. It demands no qualifications, no particular ethnicity or political leanings, and no membership fee. To preserve our communities, and heal their divisions, it is imperative that we keep our existing pubs open, and restore our vacant ones.


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