What is a mass lobby?

A mass lobby is when a large number of people visit Parliament on the same day to talk to their MP about one specific issue. CAMRA’s mass lobby is being held to talk to MPs about the unfair beer duty escalator policy which is forcing beer prices up, driving people to drink at home instead of in pubs and as a result causing pubs to close.

Why should I attend the mass lobby?

We need you to bring the Save Your Pint campaign to your MP’s doorstep and make our case impossible to ignore. We need as many people as possible to persuade their MP that the beer duty escalator must be abolished. Over 100,000 people have already signed the “Stop the Beer Duty Escalator” e-petition. It’s now time to take the campaign to the next level and pile the pressure on MPs and the Government so the Government change their policy in the next Budget.

Who should attend the mass lobby?

Any CAMRA member can attend the lobby day – all are welcome, whether or not you’re already involved with your local branch. This would be a great opportunity to meet and go to know some more people from your local area. Any non-members are also very welcome to come along on the day and show their support!

How do I sign up to attend the event?

To sign up to attend the day, please just fill in this simple form. It’s important that you let us know if you plan to attend so we can keep an accurate record of numbers.

How should I travel to Parliament to attend the lobby day?

CAMRA branches are encouraged to book minibuses or coaches (working with other branches where possible) to travel to the event. CAMRA will refund the cost of this transport provided it is pre-authorised by contacting campaigns@camra.org.uk. Individuals who want to attend the event should contact their local branch to organise a space on locally-booked transport, or contact campaigns@camra.org.uk. If your branch or region is not providing coach travel then up to a maximum of £50 may be available in travel expenses – individual travel expenses are available for CAMRA members only. Read the Travel Arrangements & Expenses Policy in full Download here

How do I find out who my MP is?

To check the name of your MP, and find their contact details please just enter your postcode here

How do I set up a meeting with my MP?

Everybody attending the event should try and set up a meeting with their local MP in advance. If possible, branches should combine forces and set up a single joint meeting for your local MP’s constituents. You can email your MP at firstname.surname.mp@parliament.uk. Find out how to contact your MP If you are unable to set up a meeting with your MP, or if your MP declines a meeting, you can ask for a meeting on the day by visiting Central Lobby in Parliament and filling in an appointment request card. CAMRA stewards will be able to help with this on the day.

How will I know what to say to my MP?

CAMRA will provide detailed briefings in advance, which we will put up on this website, as well as providing copies by email and hard copies on the day. Please watch this space.

Where should I go when I arrive?

When you arrive in London, please head first to the Emmanuel Centre to the entrance on Tufton Street to register and find out some important information before heading to Parliament. It’s vital that everybody who attends comes and registers first so that we can keep accurate records of who attends the event. There will also be free tea, coffee and biscuits available!

Will there be any refreshments available?

There will be tea, coffee and biscuits available when you arrive to register. Later on, after everybody has been into Parliament to see their MP we will be holding a rally in the Emmanuel Centre with a pint on us for all attendees.

Are there any restrictions on what I can wear on the day?

Please wear smart dress on the day. Campaigning t-shirts and campaigning logos are NOT permitted – you will be denied entry to Parliament if you wear these items.

What should I bring with me / not bring with me on the day?

In order to enter Parliament to speak to your MP you will need to pass through airport-style security. So please don’t bring anything with you that you wouldn’t take on a plane! However please do bring: • An umbrella (just in case) • Warm clothes • Any medicines that you need if you’re out for a full day • If you have pre-arranged a meeting with your MP bring evidence of this planned meeting (i.e a letter or email)

How can I share my experiences of the day?

We would love to hear from you about your experiences on the day. You will be able to share photos and comments on this website, by email and through social media on Facebook and Twitter. Watch this space!

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