CAMRA’s Save Your Pint Mass Lobby is nearly upon us. Over 1,000 CAMRA members, publicans and brewers have registered to join together on Wednesday 12th December for CAMRA’s first mass lobby.

Here is some important information for you about the day and some briefing material to help when putting your case across to your MP.

Please aim to pre-arrange a meeting with your MP go to for details on organising this or phone the Campaigns Team on 01727 798452 for help.

If you are unable to contact your MP or they have declined to meet with you then please still come along and you can submit a ‘Green Card’. This takes place in Parliament and is a request form asking your MP to come and meet you in Central Lobby – our CAMRA stewards will be able to help you.

For information on transport to the lobby please go to:


When you arrive in London please come to the Emmanuel Centre, the entrance is on Marsham Street, London, SW1P 3DW. The nearest tube stations are Pimlico, St James Park and Westminster.

Please take note of the following key information to help the day run as smoothly as possible:

  • Please look up your regional colour in the table below when you arrive at the centre look out for the relevant coloured balloons and your organiser in the same coloured high-vis jackets. This is where you need to go to register.
  • Please look up and know your constituency and your MP’s name. This will help our organisers to register you and so that you can meet up with others from your constituency. You can look this up here:


Once at your coloured meeting point a CAMRA organiser will register you, give you a name badge and give you a lobby day booklet.

Here is a copy of the lobby day booklet for you to read in advance but remember we will be supplying these on the day so you don’t need to print it out. The booklet contains a map, top tips for speaking to your MP and most importantly briefing material filled with stats and facts as to why the escalator should be scrapped.

You’ll note that at the back of the lobby day booklet there is a page for personalised stats relating to your MP i.e how many CAMRA members are there in your MP’s constituency? This information will be available at the Emmanuel Centre for you to copy into your booklet. To save time on the day you can also find this information here: Mass Lobby – Regional Information 10.12.12.

The lobby day booklet also includes a tear off feedback form – once you’ve met your MP please return to the Emmanuel Centre, fill out the feedback form and hand in, in exchange for a pint from 3.15pm.


During the lobby day the front page of the Save Your Pint lobby site will become a hive of activity with photographs, twitter, comments and updates being published throughout the day as well as being projected on to a screen in the Emmanuel Centre. Within Parliament photographs are only permitted inside committee rooms and meeting rooms. If your phone does not have a camera why not consider bringing along a camera.

You can upload your photos or write your comments directly on the site or e-mail them to Let us know how your day is going or quote from your meeting with your MP.

The twitter hashtag is #saveyourpint


1. To get off on the right foot with your MP and make a good impression please dress smartly. Unfortunately Parliamentary Authorities will not let you in wearing campaigning t-shirts so please avoid this.

2. Please prepare for the cold weather – we want everyone to have an enjoyable day and be safe. As there are so many campaigners joining the lobby it is highly likely you will have to queue to get into Parliament, and this is not sheltered so please wrap up extra warm – there is a cloakroom facility available in the Emmanuel Centre. It is also a good idea to bring an umbrella. To reduce queues outside Parliament, we may ask you to wait in the Emmanuel Centre before heading over to Parliament. You may wish to bring a book or newspaper to help pass the time.

3. Please be aware that you will have to go through a security system before entering Parliament. This is very similar to the airport systems so please don’t bring anything you wouldn’t take on a plane.

4. In the morning there will be tea, coffee and biscuits available and then beer from 3.15pm. Please bear in mind we will not be providing other food so please bring your own packed lunch and snacks or there are several cafes nearby which we will point out to you, and there is a cafe in Parliament.

5. If you do not have a prearranged appointment with your MP you are likely to have to wait for sometime while they, or a member of their staff are located, and asked to come and meet with you.  If you are in a large group we may ask one of you to wait in Central Lobby for your MP while the rest of the group wait in a nearby meeting room.  When your MP arrives they will go with you to the meeting room where the rest of your group are waiting.

6. If you do have a prearranged appointment please note that the Police will not allow you priority access to Parliament. We will therefore be advising you to join the queue at least an hour before your appointment. In case of delays it would be a good idea to have your MP’s office phone number with you, so you can keep your MP up to date. Alternatively, you can contact your MP via the Parliamentary switchboard on (020) 7219 3000.

7. If you have any difficulties on the day you can contact me on (07730) 583032.


11am – 2pm Briefings will take place in the Emmanuel Centre during your timeslot.

12.30 – 3.30pm Meeting with MPs taking place. From 3.15pm a pint of beer will be available in exchange for your feedback form.

4pm The rally will begin featuring guest speakers to celebrate the day and the campaign.

4.30pm The celebration continues down the pub. Here is a link to pubs near to the venue (hardcopies of this will be available on the day) and a map is available here.

The Save Your Pint Mass Lobby is the biggest campaigning event CAMRA has hosted. We have been liaising with the Police and Parliamentary Authorities to minimise likely difficulties on the day. However, as we are dependent on these Authorities’ co-operation, we are unable to guarantee the day will be without minor frustrations and inconveniences. Please be patient on the day and work together with us to make this a great event and one to remember in CAMRA’s history!

We are really looking forward to the event which should prove a huge step forward in the campaign and we look forward to meeting you on the 12th December.


Jackie Parker
CAMRA Director
Beer Tax Campaign