Can’t make the lobby day on the 12th? Why not help out digitally?

If you can’t make it in person to the mass lobby but still want to help make a difference and pressurise the Government into making change happen, we have set up a digital way for you to help our mass lobby of Parliament.

We have set up a “Thunderclap” – the idea is that you can support the cause via the Thunderclap website using Twitter or Facebook. When we reach 500+ people, at 11am on 12/12/12 during the mass lobby, everyone will automatically post together a unified message, creating a huge buzz around the event and campaign.

The effect of this could be huge, if 500 people tweet at the same time, without including re-tweets it is highly possible that we will create a trend on Twitter for the hashtag #saveyourpint

“It allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, that rises above the noise of your social networks.”

This not only helps for publicity around the event, but also helps to raise the profile and awareness to those who are still unaware of the Beer Duty Escalator and damage it is causing.

Please help us on the day and be a virtual campaigner by supporting our Thunderclap.

Support Our Thunderclap!