If you are planning on attending the mass lobby day please register here.


The mass lobby to scrap the beer duty escalator will take place on Wednesday 12th December.



Emanuel Centre

When you arrive in London please go to our base for the day before you go to Parliament. Our base will be at the Emmanuel Centre, Tufton Street, Greater London, SW1P 3DW. Here you will receive briefing and campaigning material and can meet up with other people from your constituency.


We are expecting over 1,000 people to join us at the lobby and we need to manage times to create a steady flow into Parliament throughout the day. We have created time windows for different regions of the UK (see table below) the first indicates the time window in which you should aim to arrive at the Emmanuel Centre. The second indicates the time window in which you should arrange to meet with your MP in Parliament.

For example: Arrive at the Centre between 11 and 12pm. Arrange to meet with your MP between 12.30 and 13.30pm.

We appreciate that delays may happen on the day or your MP may only be able to meet at a time of their choosing but as best as we can we need to stick to these time windows.

If your MP will only meet you earlier in the day you can come to the Emmanuel Centre from 10.30am.



1. Arrive at Emmanuel Centre (within allocated time window).

You will receive briefing and campaigning material, maps, agenda and information about the day. It is also a chance to meet up with others from your constituency and meet other CAMRA members from across the UK. Basic refreshments such as tea and biscuits will be available.

2. Head over to Parliament to meet with your MP.

We would strongly recommend you pre-arrange to meet with your MP to avoid disappointment on the day. Our stewards will accompany you over to Parliament. You need to leave in good time prior to your arranged time with your MP as it can take some time to get through security. Our stewards will also be inside Parliament to help you.

If you have been unable to pre-arrange a meeting with your MP. You can still go into Parliament and fill out an appointment request card for your MP to come down and meet you on the day – CAMRA stewards will be able to help you with this.

3. Meet with your MP.

What happens at this point is up to you and your MP and will be different for everyone. You may be taken on a tour of Parliament or even for a pint in Strangers Bar! We have several rooms booked just for our lobby where you can go and have a chat. We will, of course, make sure you have lots of stats and information relevant to your MP and your local area in order to explain why the beer duty escalator should be scrapped and pubs need to be supported.

4. Head back to the Emmanuel Centre.

After meeting with your MP please head back to the Emmanuel Centre to share your experience and have a pint on us. At 4pm there will be a short rally in the Emmanuel Centre to round off the day before heading off to the pub to celebrate.

5. To the pub.

Of course no CAMRA event would be complete without a trip to the pub. We will recommend a variety of pubs local to the area to head along to and raise a glass on us to the day.